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ATOM Media Productions can create informative videos to assist in the training of staff or students, whether it's in a school, in the work place or for a course such as first aid. We will ensure that the training is clear and precise to assist audience in learning a new skill.

We train people in the film industry, whether it's a one off lesson in class or a full programme for a university or local council we make all our programmes interesting and interactive for all our students. We offer training in the areas below as well as offer talks about the industry.


- Job roles in the film industry

- Basic use of lighting equipment

- Basic use of sound equipment

- How to use camera equipment

- How to use editing software

- How to make and interpret film documentation

- How to colour correct

- How to review a film

- Costing & finance for film

- Legal and contracts for the film industry

We also offer the Arts Award




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